Joyous 1.3.1 release notes

What’s new

Compatibility with wagtail-modeltranslations

This release adds new setting JOYOUS_DEFEND_FORMS. If this is set to True then the Joyous page models will not allow their base_form_class to be replaced. Instead they will assimilate the newly assigned form class. This setting was added to work around a bug in the wagtail-modeltranslations app. The bug was fixed in wagtail-modeltranslations version 0.10.14. Upgrading to v0.10.14 or later is the preferred solution, rather than enabling JOYOUS_DEFEND_FORMS.

Init functions have been added to anything inheriting from models.Model to avoid modeltranslation patch_constructor breaking initialization of pages which have multiple inheritance.

Compatibility with Wagtail 2.10

Use the Django Admin version of JQuery

Bug fixes

  • Times returned from getLocalDateAndTime should be naive so that they are compatible with time.min and time.max.