Joyous 0.9.5 release notes

What’s new

Option to include started events in the upcoming list

This release adds new setting JOYOUS_UPCOMING_INCLUDES_STARTED. If this is set to True then the list of upcoming events will also include events that have already started but have not yet finished.

New filters current for upcoming and started events and future for just upcoming events have been added to EventQuerySet. The old filter upcoming now just delegates to the appropriate one depending upon JOYOUS_UPCOMING_INCLUDES_STARTED.

New event properties _current_datetime_from and _future_datetime_from are used by the filters and for sorting the list of events. The old property _upcoming_datetime_from has been removed.

Wagtail 2.8

Support for Wagtail 2.8 (and Django 3.0).

Other features

  • New JOYOUS_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK setting that will override Django’s definition of the first day of the week if set.
  • Remove unneeded rss.ExtraInfoEntry.setImage()
  • Use naive datetimes in PostponementPage.what()
  • Dynamically copy postponements field values (should work for derieved classes too)

Bug fixes

  • Subtract page.num_days for continuuing events starting before fromDate
  • Force a call to _fetch_all in EventQuerySet.count()

Upgrade considerations

  • The old property _upcoming_datetime_from has been removed.