Joyous 0.8.2 release notes

What’s new

Wagtail 2.5

  • Support for Wagtail 2.5 (and Django 2.2).

Postponement Page

  • Show cancellation details for postponement page in /from/ sub-view.

Other features

  • Include version number in calendar table tag.
  • Add django admin interface.
  • Restructured templates to use more inheritance and less inclusion.
  • Refactor ByDayIterables using EventsByDayList.

Bug fixes

  • 1.4 macro isn’t working with ReadTheDocs, so hardcoded it.
  • Fix display of Cancellations

Upgrade considerations


The namedtuple ThisEvent now has this definition

ThisEvent = namedtuple("ThisEvent", "title page url")

The extra field, url, is used to customise the url for an event. This is used to link to the /from/ sub-vew of Postponement Pages.

When unpacking the tuple you will have to include this field too, e.g.

{% for title, page, url in evod.days_events %}


You might see an error running the auth.0011_update_proxy_permissions migration something like…

django.db.utils.IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "idx_18141_auth_permission_content_type_id_01ab375a_uniq"
DETAIL: Key (content_type_id, codename)=(42, add_specificcalendarpage) already exists

This is a known issue. There is a fix coming for this in Django, hopefully in 2.2.1. Until then the migration can fairly safely be faked when the error occurs.

$ ./ migrate --fake auth 0011_update_proxy_permissions
$ ./ migrate