Your organisation might be made up of several groups which can have their own events. Or you might want to group events together for another reason.

The template tag group_upcoming_events displays the events that are coming up for a group.

Adding the event as a child of a group automatically assigns the event to that group, or you can set the group_page field on the event.


It is not expected that you will both add an event as the child of a group and set the group_page field. But if you do then: if it is the same group, the event will only show up in the group once; if they are different groups, the event will show up in both groups, but will only show itself as belonging to the group that it is a child of.



A simple default page model for a group. It just has a title and a rich-text content area.

The template for GroupPage includes the group_upcoming_events template tag.