iCalendar is the common calendar file format. Google, Meetup, Facebook, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc can generate iCalendar (.ics) files for a whole calendar of events or just one event.

Importing events from an iCalendar file is done via the settings tab of editing a calendar page. The events will be imported as the children of this page.

Steps for iCalendar import:

  • Pick a calendar page, or create a new one.
  • Select the settings tab
  • Choose you iCalendar file
  • Select “Save Draft” and events will be imported as draft pages
  • or “Publish” and events will be imported as published pages


Before Joyous imports an event it checks if that event already exists. (the UID property is used for matching) If it already does then it will only be updated as a new revision if this is a newer version (The last-modified or timestamp property is used.) This avoids duplicates and unnecessary revisions

Joyous converts events from the iCalendar file into simple, multiday or recurring event pages as appropriate.


Steps for iCalendar export:

Joyous can export a iCalendar file with a whole calendar of event, or just one event.

To export a single event:

  • view the event
  • click the “Export ICal” link

To export a whole calendar:

  • view the calendar
  • click the “Export ICal” link