Get the dotted app.Model name for the group model as a string. Useful for developers that need to refer to the group model, such as in foreign keys, but the model itself is not required.


Get the group model from the JOYOUS_GROUP_MODEL setting. Useful for developers that need the group model. Defaults to the standard ls.joyous.models.GroupPage model if no custom model is defined.


Inheritance diagram of GroupPage
class ls.joyous.models.GroupPage(id, path, depth, numchild, translation_key, locale, title, draft_title, slug, content_type, live, has_unpublished_changes, url_path, owner, seo_title, show_in_menus, search_description, go_live_at, expire_at, expired, locked, locked_at, locked_by, first_published_at, last_published_at, latest_revision_created_at, live_revision, alias_of, page_ptr, content)[source]

Bases: wagtail.core.models.Page


An area of text for whatever you like